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  • Hacken Announces Thanksgiving Weekend Bonus and Invites You to Join Online Video Conference With John McAfee

    November 21, 2017

    At 15:00 UTC on Wednesday, November 22, 2017 Hacken will host online video conference featuring John McAfee and Dmytro Budorin, Hacken CFO and Co-Founder. At 04:00 am UTC on Friday, November 24, 2017, Hacken will launch an unprecedented additional weekend bonus. Please visit blackfriday.hacken.io for video link and details

    Hacken, an ecosystem for white hat hackers and a bug bounty marketplace with a focus on blockchain security, announces an unprecedented additional bonus weekend inspired by John McAfee. The bonus weekend will start at 04:00 am UTC on Friday, November 24, 2017 and last until 23:59 UTC on Sunday, November 26, 2017.

    “Recently, we’ve seen some great customer traction with our token sale. It intensified after John McAfee joined Hacken as our product advisor. Currently Hacken is en route to a successful completion of its token sale, with more than $3,2 million raised in the fiat equivalent. Our team has also completed the development cycle for HackenProof cybersecurity marketplace, our flagship product,” — Hacken Co-Founder Dmytro Budorin said.

    At 15:00 UTC on Wednesday, November 22, 2017, Hacken will hold online video conference featuring John McAfee and Dmytro Budorin. John and Dmytro will discuss the current token sale, the upcoming release of HackenProof cybersecurity marketplace and the reasons why John decided to join Hacken. The event will be hosted by Simon Cocking – Editor-in-Chief of Crypto Coin News and top-10 in world’s most influential fintech voices on Twitter. Watch the live stream at blackfriday.hacken.io and ask your questions on Twitter using hashtag #HackenBlackFriday.

    During the extended bonus weekend our forthcoming community members will be able to join Hacken Ecosystem and buy HKNs with a discount. The discounts will be distributed in the following manner: 20% discount from 4:00 to 7:59 on November 24, 2017, then the bonus amount will decrease 1% each 4 hours until 07:59 UTC on November 26, 2017. Please see blackfriday.hacken.io for a table explaining each time slot.

    The bonus weekend will be a culmination of Haken token sale, scheduled to end on October 30, 2017. We developed the extended bonus weekend in cooperation with John McAfee to accommodate his supporters and fans. We also would like to make this Thanksgiving Weekend, which is very special for our project, more thankful and more giving.

  • Recurrent Victory: Hacken Rated Among the Top 3 ICOs at Decentralize ICO Pitch Contest in Davos

    November 14, 2017

    Hacken, an ecosystem of white-hat hackers and the bug bounty marketplace with a focus on blockchain security, impressed investors at the leading conference on decentralization, D10e.

    Hacken co-Founder Dmytro Budorin’s outstanding pitch on the stage which was watched by the stars of the World Economic Forum, received 3rd place out of 23 startups from around the world and a $83,333 reward. The jury based their decision on the following judging criteria: business model, scalability, team, investor terms/liquidity, solution of the problem, token model/ token and proceeds distribution. The 12th D10e edition took place from November 11-14, 2017 in Davos, Switzerland.

    This is Hacken’s second victory at D10e: only this last September Hacken took 2nd place in the pitch contest in Kyiv, Ukraine, winning 33 BTC for project development.

    Visit hacken.io to buy HKN, follow us on Twitter or ask your questions in our Telegram chat.

  • Jibrel Network to protect tokenized assets with Hacken

    November 3, 2017

    Hacken, an ecosystem of white-hat hackers and a bug bounty marketplace with a focus on blockchain security, and Jibrel Network, the first protocol with built-in regulatory compliance that allows anyone to put traditional assets like currencies, bonds and other financial instruments  standard ERC-20 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain, announce their cooperation.

    Talal Tabbaa, Jibrel’s Co-Founder and Business Development Lead,  says: “Digital Financial assets is a sensitive field that requires the highest levels of cyber protection. Hacken is building a cybersecurity ecosystem that will combine expertise of the world’s top white-hat hackers and blockchain experts which makes us confident this cooperation will improve the security of our platform. Hacken’s business model is a true revolution in blockchain security”.

    Dmytro Budorin, Hacken’s Co-Founder and CFO, says: “The Jibrel Network is bringing traditional financial assets to the blockchain aiming to fully automate and decentralize consumer banking. While blockchain technology provides inherent security itself, the projects which build their products and services around the blockchain require effective penetration testing and bug hunting to make sure they’re protected. Our partnership with Jibrel will help the network detect and mitigate cybersecurity risks in real-time”.

    * * *

    The Hacken Ecosystem is a community-based business organization consisting of the HackenProof bug bounty marketplace, Zero-day Remuneration Platform, Hacken Accelerator and Cybersecurity Analytics Center. The Hacken Ecosystem utilizes its own cryptocurrency HKN — a dedicated cryptocurrency for white hat hackers, to incentivize users to interact with its ecosystem. Hacken’s vision is to launch a movement that in several years will become one of the main driving forces deterring and countering international cybercrime. For more information please visit: https://hacken.io

    The Jibrel Network allows anyone to tokenize traditional real-world assets. Jibrel provides users with Crypto Depository Receipts (CryDRs) — the next generation of decentralized ‘smart tokens’ that are embedded with real-world rules and regulations. Investors can tokenize cash and money market instruments into CryDRs and sell them on-chain, benefiting from on-chain/ off-chain arbitrage. Jibrel facilitates institutional grade liquidity to flow into the crypto-economy in the form of cash and money market backed tokens, allowing decentralized autonomous organizations and funds to diversify their crypto-holdings into more stable assets. For more information please visit: https://jibrel.network

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